Various Goulds Articles

Here you will find technical data and resources on a variety of topics related to general pump information. This section is continually being updated, so please check back often.
Abstract: The Economic Benefits of Plastic Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps (1.1M )
by Anthony E. Stavale and Guenter Naasner

Bone-Dry Running Tests Utilizing Diamond Like Carbon Coated Silicon Carbide Bearings and Polymer Lubricating Strips in an ANSI Magnetic Drive Pump (1.5M ) by Anthony E. Stavale, Manager of Research and Development, ITT A-C Pump Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
Centrifugal Pump Failure Analysis (240kb) by Woodrow Nepa and Robert Urwin, Goulds Pumps
Changes in Pump Vibration Levels Caused by the Misalignment of Different Style Couplings (1,213 kb) by Jerome Lorenc, Goulds Pumps
Control Valve Induced Pipeline Vibrations in a Paper Pulp Pumping System (1M ) by Andrew Lewis, Goulds Pumps; Fred Szenasi, Engineering Dynamics, Inc.; Daniel Roll, Goulds Pumps
Design Considerations and Application Guidelines for Pumping Liquids with Entrained Gas Using Open Impeller Centrifugal Pumps (823kb) by Charles Cappellino, Daniel Roll, and George Wilson, Goulds Pumps
Development of a Smart Pumping System (233 kb) by Anthony E. Stavale, Jerome A. (Jerry) Lorenc, and Eugene P. (Gene) Sabini
Fluid Handling Systems: AI technology renders standard pumping arrangements obsolete (641kb)
From daily plugging to non-stop pumping: Recessed-impeller ANSI pump solves solids-handling problem (164kb)
Four Equipment Upgrade Projects Reduce System Energy Losses at Augusta Newsprint Best Practices - Technical Case Study (258 kb) Forest Products a publication of the U.S. Department of Energy
Hydrodynamic Seals in the Pulp and Paper Industry (836kb) by Michael W. Day, Goulds Pumps
Increase reliability and reduce emissions through pump selection (1,021kb) by Richard Blong and Bob Manion, Goulds Pumps
Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Rome Linerboard Mill Energy Assessment BestPractices - Assessment Case Study (280 kb) Forest Products a publication of the U.S. Department of Energy
New Pump Technologies Offer Savings (700 kb) by Anthony E. Stavale and Guenter Naasner and Richard Blong
Prevent Equipment Failure (1219 kb)
Pump control and protection device for the wastewater industry (371 kb) (PumpSmart)
Pump Monitoring: Current Capabilities (264 kb) by Richard Hall, P.E., Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions, Fort Collins, CO USA and Barry Erickson, ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY USA
Smart Pumping Systems: The Time Is Now (522 kb) by Anthony E. Stavale, P.E.
The Battle of the Pumps Magnetic drive or canned pumps? Here's what to investigate before you make your purchase. (631 kb) By Stan Knecht, Goulds Pumps
The Effect of Mechanical Unbalance on Vibrations, Forces and Reliability of a Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump (1M )
by Lev Nelik, Goulds Pumps and Charles Jackson Turbomachinery Consultant

The Hot Trend in Maximizing Assets: Isn't it about time for your operations to catch up with the future? (1864 kb)
by Jane Alexander, with Jeff Benson, Maintenance Coordinator, CASCO Inc.

Variable Speed Pumping: Myths and Legends (911 kb)
When Stainless Pumps Don't Appear To Be Stainless By Stephen J. Morrow, Global Manager of materials Technology Goulds Pumps, ITT Industries Pumps Magazine (248 kb)