Start-Up and Shut-Off of Mag Drive Pumps

Start-Up and Shut-Off Procedure for Heated and Unheated Mag Drive Pumps

(This procedure does not replace the operation Instruction handbook.)


  1. The nominal motor power must not exceed the pump's allowed maximum capacity (compare rating plates of motor and pump).
  2. Check direction of rotation with disconnected coupling.
  3. Check alignment of coupling.
  4. Check ease of pump operation by hand.
  5.  Attach coupling protection.
  6. Connect thermocouples, dry run protection, pressure gauges, etc.
  7. Connect heater for heated pumps.
  8. Connect cooling system (if required).
  9. Attention: Insulation must not cover roller bearings.


  1. Preheat heated pumps for a minimum of 2 hours.
  2. Open pressure valve.
  3. Open suction valve completely and fill pump.
  4. After 2-3 minutes close pressure valve.
  5. In case of external cooling, switch on coolant flow.
  6. Start motor.
  7. Subsequently open pressure valve slowly until pump reaches specified performance level.


  1. Close pressure valve.
  2. Shut off motor. Allow pump to slow down smoothly.
  3. In case of external cooling, shut off coolant flow.
  4. Close suction valve.


  • Throttling must not be done with the suction valve.
  • Never shut off the pump with the suction valve.
  • Pump must never run dry.
  • Never run the pump against a closed pressure valve.
  • The pump motor unit must run vibration free.
  • Temperature of roller bearings must not exceed tolerated limit.