Pump Safety Tips

Maintenance personnel should be aware of potential hazards to reduce the risk of accidents

Safety Apparel
  • Insulated work gloves when handling hot bearings or using bearing heater.
  • Heavy work gloves when handling parts with sharp edges, especially impellers
  • Safety glasses (with side shields) for eye protection, especially in machine shop areas.
  • Steel-toed shoes for foot protection when handling pants, heavy tools, etc.
  • Other personal protective equipment to protect against hazardous/toxic fluids.
Couplings Guards:
  • Never operate pump without a coupling guard properly installed.
Flanged Connections:
  • Never force piping to make a connection with a pump.
  • Use only fasteners of the proper size and material.
  • Ensure there are no missing fasteners.
  • Beware of corroded or loose fasteners.
  • Do not operate below minimum rated flow, or with suction/discharge valves closed.
  • Do not open vent or drain valves, or remove plugs while system is pressurized.
Maintenance Safety:
  • Always lockout power.
  • Ensure pump is isolated from system and pressure is relieved before disassembling pump, removing plugs, or disconnecting piping.
  • Use proper lifting and supporting equipment to prevent serious injury.
  • Observe proper decontamination procedures.
  • Know and follow company safety regulations.
  • Never apply heat to remove impeller.
  • Observe all cautions and warnings highlighted in pump instruction manual.