Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Colman Pool


Built in 1941 to replace an unheated tidal pool, Colman Pool is a warm saltwater pool constructed of reinforced concrete and tile. Water for the 500,000 gallon pool comes from Puget Sound, delivered to its heating tank by one 20-hp pump and one 40-hp pump from the three twelve-feet deep wells located on the beach. The water is maintained at a temperature of 84 to 85 degrees by automatic gas-fired boilers.


Challenge: In early January 2019, Seattle Parks presented Beckwith & Kuffel, Inc. with a challenge to furnish two new pump skids and extensive piping modifications under a very tight window. Colman Pool’s Opening Day: Saturday May 11, 2019.



Our Solution: We partnered with a good mechanical contractor to meet the demands of a saltwater system, by using special materials designed to accommodate the saltwater. The application required CD4MCu material for construction of the pumps, which is a duplex stainless steel. CD4MCu is stronger than regular cast iron or standard stainless steel, and provides significantly better chloride stress cracking resistance with greater corrosive resistance.

Location: West Seattle, Washington

Timeline: 4 months

Saltwater provides a challenge for pumping systems. The special materials we provided are proven to be resistant to the corrosive and erosive nature of the salt, silt, and minerals that saltwater contains. With these upgrades, the pumping system should be running smoothly for decades. Most importantly, local families, and kids of all ages, will enjoy recreational swimming activities this summer at Colman Pool, and for summers yet to come.