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Beckwith & Kuffel has provided uncompromised quality and innovative solutions since 1979. We represent the finest compressor and accessory equipment manufacturers in the industry - from Gardner Denver to Ultra Air - so our customers are assured only the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices. In addition, we offer 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year, backed by the most qualified technicians in the industry.

Beckwith & Kuffel is proud to represent the following manufacturers:

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Visit the GD website to learn about their new products and services, including the newest addition to their family of products--the FP-Dual Stroke NGV Refueling Compressor.

Beckwith & Kuffel carries a very diversified line of products from Gardner Denver including:

GD/JoyScrew/Recip/Oil Free/Lube/Dryers

We service Centrifugal/Recip/Oil Free & Screw compressors!



Since 1926 Travaini has been manufacturing high quality rotating equipment for the movement of air and fluids. Travaini Pumps USA was established in 1985 as the distributor of products manufactured in Italy. Travaini Pumps USA maintains its facility in Yorktown, Virginia. Here we design and manufacture systems and maintain a full inventory of liquid ring and rotary vane vacuum pumps, compressors, our popular Dynaseal™ systems, plus replacement parts for all Travaini products

In addition to the above lines, we also supply the following:

HP/LP/Breathing Air
Bellis and Marcom
High Pressure Compressors
Recip/Oil Free
Recip/Oil Free
Rotary Vane
High Pressure Compressors


Beckwith & Kuffel represents the following manufacturers for compressor accessories and drying:

Dryers and Air Treatment
Gardner Denver
Dryers and Air Treatment
Great Lakes Air
Dryers and Air Treatment
Dryers and Air Treatment


Compressed Air Support:

Gardner Denver
Compressor Lubricants
Compressor Lubricants
Cooling Systems - Nozzles - Controls - Mechanical Seals - Filters- Chillers - Motors - Starters - Relief Valves - Silencers - Variable Speed Drives